Lots Going On In Sunday School

I still remember with a smile, Mrs. Harrison who started me on my memorization of the 10 commandments during Sunday School.. Won’t you be someone’s Mrs. Harrison?

We are looking for Preschool and Elementary and Middle school classes to be divided for more age specific learning. Pray on it and let Pastor Murray know if this is your calling.

You are INVITED – The Loft Class is literally “Making Sense of the Bible” written by Adam Hamilton. The class is led by a rotating list of willing facilitators – come join in the discussion and be prepared to have your mind expanded.

Get ready – 11/4 is our time change for Daylight Savings – don’t be late.
Dec. 2nd at 9:30am Grace will kick off Advent with Chuck of the “Chuck Knows Church” series.

Video and brief discussion will be led by Michael Jennings and Pastor Murray with, of course, a covered dish breakfast starting at 9:45.