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By Jessica Brodie. From assembling cleaning buckets, health kits and school kits to deploying disaster response teams to the areas with the most need, the church is stepping up in a variety of ways to be the hands and feet of Christ. But as far as in-state disaster response, things are looking far different this year than the past two years—and it all boils down to money.
Faith in God helps broken man leave past behind, start train ministry for children. By Jessica Brodie.
By Jessica Brodie. One United Methodist pastor is hoping a simple Christmas card activity will morph into a full-fledged prison ministry, plus bring comfort and God’s love to people behind bars.
By Jessica Brodie. Across the nation, news about recent shootings of unarmed African-American men by law enforcement officers from Charleston to Baton Rouge have catapulted the nation into dialogue and debate. Reports circle of excessive police force and cities labeled “hostile to black residents.” Lawsuits and mobs have erupted. In some parts of the country and in South Carolina, there is a culture of fear and distrust among races, police and civilians. But in October, the church is hoping to replace some of the pain and fear with education, awareness ...
About one year ago—Sept. 15. 2016—members of the South Carolina Conference United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Early Response Team tarped a home on Mosley Street in Orangeburg that had several trees on it and roof damage courtesy of Tropical Storm Hermine. Exactly one year later, the conference’s Disaster Recovery Ministry headed back to Franklin’s home to replace the damaged portions of her roof and do interior work, including her bathroom and kitchen ceilings.
South Carolina United Methodist Volunteers In Mission’s Early Response Team started preparation for Hurricane Irma well in advance when it was a Category 5 storm, along with all on the South Carolina United Methodist Disaster Response Committee. By Billy Robinson.
The missions ministry at Wesley United Methodist Church is expanding, and the church is thanking God for the partnerships that made it possible. By the Rev. Cathy Mitchell.
South Carolina will host a series of events of the Africa University Board and Advisory Development Committees this winter. The AU events will be held Feb. 22-25, 2018, at the North Charleston Convention Center, said James H. Salley, associate vice chancellor for institutional advancement for
Africa University.
By Jessica Brodie. Pentecost Journey—a training event that would have helped local churches craft a plan for ministry with Hispanic-Latino neighbors—has been cancelled.
The energy for the South Carolina Conference’s Me to We Quilt Project is building. Quilt coordinators, who have come from the United Methodist Women, have stepped up in six of the conference’s 12 districts; six more are needed.

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