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By Jessica Brodie. If South Carolina men’s ministry leaders have their way, no man will be left behind when it comes to Christ. But right now, they have to admit: United Methodist Men are looking a bit gray. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it leaves out an entirely different generation of men who could use that kind of Christian male fellowship and discipleship. And that, they say, is simply not acceptable. That is why they\'re shifting into overdrive this year in a bold new outreach to intentionally reach younger ...
By Jessica Brodie. Just in time for the New Year, those who manage long-term disaster recovery are trying a new way of scheduling United Methodist volunteers to increase help for those who need it the most. Starting in January, South Carolina Conference Disaster Recovery Ministries is releasing planned workweeks ahead of time so volunteers across the state can join in an existing effort and, therefore, help more people.
By Jessica Brodie. A relationship-based effort to break the cycle of poverty called Circles is working its way across South Carolina, and United Methodist churches are getting solidly on board. Mount Horeb UMC, Lexington, is starting a new Circles chapter, and Buncombe Street UMC will begin its second cycle in January.
By Jessica Brodie. It all started from a photo, one the Rev. Robert Walker considered to be a highly unflattering though accurate portrayal of how much weight he’d gained over the years. Little did he know he’d soon become a walking example—literally. Since then he’s walked an average of about 180 miles a month for the year, whether from walking to and from work or doing walking pilgrimages while on vacation, and lost 40 pounds in the process.
By Jessica Brodie. One little boy is alive today thanks to the quick thinking of his mom—and the first aid training she received at her United Methodist church the week prior.
Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Greenville, is taking a stand for women by creating kits for Days for Girls, holding donation drives for the Period Project and educating themselves about local and federal laws.
Nearly 300 United Methodists gathered in person and were joined by more than 50 online sites around the world as the Uniting Methodists movement met Nov. 13-14 at Impact United Methodist Church, Atlanta.
To me, the best parts of the Christmas are when we can hit pause on the busy button and do just that: breathe. Marvel at the glossy wrapping paper and glittery bows. Sigh in wonder at the sparkling lights on the nine-foot-tall tree inside the bank. Close my eyes and offer a silent prayer of appreciation as I cuddle on the couch with my husband and little ones, grateful for all things God brings—good and bad and the gray somewhere in between. A column by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie.
So once again it’s a new year, a time when we make resolutions. All of us desire a clean slate to bring change to our circumstances and improve our quality of life. A column by Bishop L. Jonathan Holston.
By Jessica Brodie. Together and individually, United Methodists across South Carolina are joining in a week of intentional prayer Dec. 24-30 for God’s will and wisdom to prevail as the denomination struggles with theological differences over sexuality.

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