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South Carolina United Methodists gather in Greenville to do work of the church By Jessica Brodie GREENVILLE—“It’s time for us to celebrate!” Bishop Jonathan Holston proclaimed to wild applause, kicking...
By Jessica Brodie. Annual Conference has passed six of its seven resolutions for 2017, many rooted in solidarity or in healing.
By Jessica Brodie. South Carolina laity and clergy had the chance to vote yesterday on five amendments to the constitution of The United Methodist Church, but results of the vote will not be released until all annual and central conferences throughout the denomination have voted.
By Jessica Brodie. One of the resolutions submitted to Annual Conference—on a disaffiliation from the denomination—was ruled out of order and not brought before the body at the 2017 session.
By Jessica Brodie. Changes to the Annual Conference’s standing rules have done away with the ability for late resolutions to be submitted on the conference floor, though this (or any) standing rule can be suspended with a two-thirds vote at Annual Conference.
By Jessica Brodie. Lifting up the majestic and transformative beauty of the redwood tree, which starts out from a seed tinier than a tomato’s and grows into a massive and hardy testament to life, Louisiana Resident Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey preached an ordination service Monday at Annual Conference that ordained or commissioned 26 clergy.
By Jessica Brodie. South Carolina United Methodist active clergy and lay employees now have a bevy of health care choices on their plate thanks to a new plan lineup approved at Annual Conference yesterday.
By Jessica Brodie. South Carolina United Methodists spent an evening in a service celebrating a variety of missions embraced by the Annual Conference, from disaster response to homes for the homeless to bikes for people in need.
By Jessica Brodie. Praising the all-encompassing, never-ending, extravagant love of God, the Rev. John Hipp, Florence District superintendent, preached the Memorial Service at Annual Conference Tuesday afternoon.
By Allison Trussell GREENVILLE—The conference honored 35 retiring pastors Tuesday, June 6. Each retiree was welcomed by the bishop and received a certificate. They were also given a chance to...

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