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By Jessica Brodie. The countdown is on for Annual Conference 2017 as hundreds of South Carolina United Methodists get ready for a gathering in a new location with a wealth of new offerings.
By Jessica Brodie. Rural churches in the heart of South Carolina responded in Christian love to rural brothers and sisters half a world away, and their generosity has made possible a technology center and library that could transform a nation and its people forever.
By Jessica Brodie. United Methodists from around the world will gather for a special called session of General Conference in 2019 to address issues surrounding the church divide over human sexuality. Sixteen South Carolina delegates will represent this annual conference at the special session, set for Feb. 23-26, 2019, in St. Louis, Missouri.
By Jessica Brodie. One resolution included in pre-conference materials is calling for South Carolina to disaffiliate from the denomination.
By Jessica Brodie. There’s a place in Anderson where all the broken can come to find solace and love. There, in a once-closed church that itself now has new life in Christ, they stand together in worship—the homeless alongside those with plenty, the recovering drug addicts alongside those struggling to overcome a need for excess and greed, the mentally ill alongside the spiritually ill. All of them clasping hands, bowed in prayer. All of them one in Christ. This is the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center.
By Jessica Brodie. The United Methodist Church’s top court has ruled that the consecration of a gay bishop violates church law, and South Carolina United Methodists have some definite thoughts on that and the future of the denomination.
By Allison Trussell. For the past 180 years, the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate has informed, comforted and challenged its readers as it served as “an instrument of the church on behalf of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” (Rev. McKay Brabham, editor, 1961-1971). This month, the Advocate celebrates that milestone.
By Jessica Brodie. One congregation’s efforts at bridge-building have not only helped it reach out to its neighbors but also earned it the annual conference’s 2017 Barbara Boultinghouse Bridge Builders Award.
Churches in the South Carolina Conference are being invited to celebrate their connection to Africa University with special events and offerings to mark the institution’s 25th anniversary. For Bishop Jonathan Holston, the desire to celebrate is natural for South Carolina United Methodists because of their history and unique relationship with Africa University.
By Jessica Brodie. God can do all things. He made the universe. He made the world. He made us all. He has a plan, and He always works all things to His good purpose. And that is why—even amid arguments and worries and legal disputes and other ways we simple, non-divine human beings attempt to solve problems—I am resting calmly, safely and securely in the faith that God is with us all and will see us through everything.

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