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The United Methodist Church’s relief agency walks alongside conferences to make sure survivors get what they need at every stage of a disaster.
Calvary United Methodist Church rejoiced when Tina Brosius received commutation, praying for clemency from Pennsylvania governor.
The Sierra Leone Council of Churches, led by United Methodist Bishop John Yambasu, hopes environmental education can help avert future disasters.
“Only antidote to the power of tyranny is the power of organized people.”
United Methodists pray for safety “and stand in solidarity as one Methodist family.”
Methodists in Mexico assess damage while joining relief efforts after their country’s second major temblor this month.
Some members express cautious optimism for church unity. Another member has written about why he sees a need for a church split.
A year later, United Methodists continue to help rebuild homes and lives in West Virginia.
The Rev. Félix Medina, his family and community, celebrate beginning of new church.
The Uniting Methodists Movement seeks to give voice to those who think differences around homosexuality should not divide church.

Our Mission at Grace is to know Jesus and to make Him known to others.