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Lent is popularly known as a season for individual self-­examination, penitence, and “giving something up” as a spiritual discipline. It seems to be primarily inwardly and negatively focused. It’s commonly seen as being about what’s wrong with me as an individual and what I’m willing to do to improve myself. While self-­examination and some individual work are part of the work of Lent, the early church developed Lent to be primarily “other-­focused.” Lent was created as the final leg of intense preparation and support for people who had chosen to learn to live the way of Jesus. It was, we might say, a kind of finishing school for those preparing for baptism and lifelong Christian discipleship.

March 1 Ash Wednesday: Remember, You Are Dust

We gather to acknowledge our mortality and our sinfulness, and to seek God’s mercy and guidance for the season of intensive formation and re-formation in the way of Jesus that lies ahead.

March 5 Lent 1: Renounce

We walk the way of temptation with Jesus and learn from him what it means to continue to renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness, reject the evil powers of this world, and repent of our sin.

March 12 Lent 2: Accept

Through powerful image of new birth and the biblical story of

the serpent in the wilderness, Jesus shows Nicodemus and us

what it takes for us to accept the freedom and power God gives us

to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.

March 19 Lent 3: Confess

In an encounter with a woman at a well in Samaria, Jesus confesses

he is the Messiah, and she not only embraces this, but leads others to make the same confession.

March 26 Lent 4: Nurture

The response of the crowds to Jesus’ healing of a man born blind says much about how our congregation can actively “nurture one another in the Christian faith and life, and include these persons now before you in your care,” or fail to do so.

April 2 Lent 5: Believe!

The faith we confess, and the faith that transforms us, is more than

intellectual assent to a theological construct. It is to stake our lives on the Triune God, and so join Martha’s confession, “Yes, Lord, I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into this world.”

SUMMER CAMP at Asbury Hills – Slots fill up quick! Click here for info!

Noise – Asbury Hills Summer 2017 from Asbury Hills on Vimeo.

If you are interested in your child/children attending please contact Karen Bryant at (803) 210-7468. Slots fill up quick!

Since 1961, Asbury Hills has been serving all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal by offering summer camp and retreat group experiences for all ages. The camp covers over 2000 acres of mountains and hills, creeks and waterfalls, and forests and lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Asbury Hills offers age-specific programs for campers from 2nd grade through high school, family camps, and serves retreat groups from 8 to 280. Asbury Hills is a part of SC Camps and Retreat Ministries and a ministry of the South Carolina United Methodist Conference.

Note that ages are determined by what grade the camper is ENTERING for the fall school year. Elementary is 2nd-5th grade, Jr. High is 6th-8th grade, and Senior High is 9th-12th grades.
For more info goto:  http://asburyhills.org

He Chose the Nails: What God Did to Win Your Heart

Five Week Bible Study

Two class offerings:

Tuesdays Evenings from 7-8 pm meets in the Grace Seekers Classroom beginning on March 7th.

Wednesdays Lunchtime Noon-1 pm meets in the Fellowship Hall beginning on March 8th

Every gift from God reveals his love, but no gift reveals his love more than the gifts of the cross. In this five-session video Bible study, Max Lucado explores the many gifts that Christ provided to us at his crucifixion. These include not only the gift of the cross, but also the gift of the thorns that pierced his brow. The nails that tore his flesh. The seamless robe that he removed for us. The empty tomb where he forever defeated sin and death.

The hill of the cross is rich with the gifts of God’s grace. These were gifts he didn’t have to give. The only required act for our salvation was the shedding of blood, yet God did so much more. So, as we unwrap these gifts, we need to pause and listen for his voice. As we do, perhaps we will hear him whisper, “I did it just for you.”

Session include:

  1. He Chose to Be One of Us
  2. He Chose to Forgive Us
  3. He Chose to Invite Us into His Presence
  4. He Chose to Love Us Forever
  5. He Chose to Give Us Victory


Signup sheet in the Narthex or signup online at:

Tuesday Evening:

Wednesday Lunchtime:


contact Murray at: murray.snow@gmail.com